Saturday, January 17, 2015

Another Pet Adopted (and my first video post).

At the family farm in Minnesota, my mom noticed a kitten in the barn that was very young for it being October.  Kittens born late in the year often don't survive the cold winters, even in the protection of the barn.  Mom had mentioned this to a gal at her work, who said they were looking at getting a kitten.  So, mom grabbed the little ball of fluff and delivered it to its new home.  The family loved the kitten, the kitten loved the family, and it was a happy ending all the way around.  It goes to show that sometimes we save things a whole lot more precious than money.

It is interesting to note that this particular kitten is the offspring of a rescued cat that was found living under an empty trailer house, and a stray male that wandered onto the farm and just, well, stayed.  I think it is important to make sure that people wanting pets find them in the places where there are too many, first.  Also, spaying and neutering have become essential to maintain a healthy and managed population, so make sure to factor that in. Contact your local vet and/or humane society if you can't afford the spay/neuter, as often there are set days set or drives held where this is performed for a small fee only.  And keep the boys (blue) and the girls (pink) from making any purple until it's done.

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