Saturday, January 17, 2015

Mystery Stuff: Useless Contraptions #1

Welcome to a new series:  Mystery Stuff!

I've always been fascinated by the variety of ways humans find to do things, and I've always been amused by some of the weirder, more inventive, clever, or more pointless ones.  Tools, toys, or tchotchkes, I've seen an impressive array of 'stuff' that did stuff. Whether 100 year old antiques or modern "Seen On TV" items, I started taking pictures of them.  Now, I'm going through photos to test your knowledge of what 'stuff' is or what it was used for.

I am starting with what I like to call the "Useless Contraptions".  These are things that people could buy or have bought that ended up not being the hip thing they thought.  Often, these items have the original packaging and are found for sale in thrift stores or liquidation shops.  If you would like to play Mystery Stuff!, just give your guess in the comments, stating what you think the item is/was used for, and include a guess about how much they were charging for it at the time I took the photo.

Today's mystery:

This is a  __________________?
Current Price: ______________?

Leave your guesses in the comments!  I may even put together a prize for the first right answer, but let's see how many guessers I can get first...

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