Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The 'Injured and Immobile' Gift Basket

So, my neighbor and good friend went in for knee replacement surgery.  I wanted to get her something of a care package, because she is always so helpful and generous to us.  I ended up putting together the 'stuff' of this basket for under $10 bucks.  I wanted to do more with the 'pretty' factor, but there was so much stuff, I ended up just delivering it 'as is', and let her discover things as she dug down.  Here's the photo I took of it quick before running it over to her.

I really didn't have more than $10 to spend on it, but I thought it turned out pretty well.  I included things based on what I'd heard and read of other people being stuck in the hospital complain about, and things I wish I'd had that first week when I broke my leg.  In some ways, this gift basket is incomplete, because there were some things I know she'd want to have on hand, but already had plenty of.  Like, I know she has 30 hairbrushes, so didn't get her one, but I know she never seems to have a hair tie.   

But how did I get all that for $10, AND a basket?  Well, first I had to shop the house.  Like in decorating, we often end up with things that we have too many of already, or simply don't/won't use.  Make sure that what you provide is sanitary/sanitized (they are already having health issues!) and looks in mint or near new condition.  Second, I made one thing myself from household ingredients, and put in an old small spice bottle.  The label I should've worked hard on, but I wanted to get her the gift before she left for the hospital.  I ended up at the thrift store and saw the perfect book for someone about to be bed-bound for 2 weeks.  The rest of the items I found at the Dollar Store.

From the House:  

  • 3 magazines, all just arrived in my mail box (see Getting Free Magazines,) 
  • Earplugs, new in the bag, from the stash of 100 I bought when I played in a metal band, 
  • Cleaned out medicine bottle labeled "CR's Ear Plugs" - a place to put them to stay clean and not get thrown out/lost right away. 
  • Notepad - re-gifted, mom sent me 4 stacks 
  • pens (make sure each pen works and has lots of ink) - 
  • 4 hair ties tied with a scrap of ribbon (I had just opened a new pack, so I found the prettiest colors that I hadn't worn yet.)  
  • Small bag of cough drops from a BOGO deal 
  • BB&B Lotion, regifted Secret Santa (too strong of scent for me!) 
  • Silly Putty toy w/stick on body parts- regifted gag gift 
Made It Myself:

  • Dry Shampoo Powder - cornstarch, cocoa powder (as she has darker hair), and mint essential oil.  I told her she would smell of hot chocolate.

From the Thrift Store - 

  • "150 Ways To Play Solitaire" Book, 50% off day, cost $0.50.

From the Dollar Store:

  • Back scratch-er
  • Fuzzy socks w/sticky bottoms
  • Eye mask
  • Eyeglass/Device Screen Cleaner w/microfiber rag 
  • Kleenex-pocket sized
  • Metal tweezer/clipper/cuticle kit
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Clorox wipes
  • Purple Basket

There are a multitude of ways I could have spent less, such as sewing my own eye mask, making my own hand sanitizer and Clorox wipes, or carving my own back scratcher, but in the time I had, I put together a basket that was happily received.  In the process of you making a gift for that newly-bed ridden friend, I've provided a complete list of things to consider to include.

Complete List of Possible Contents For 
 "Injured and Immobile" Gift Basket

Magazines of their interest
Books of their interest, or gift card for eBooks if they are an eReader/tablet user
Puzzle books, either word find/crossword/sudoku
"150 Ways To Play Solitaire" Book, or similar rules/variations book 
Deck of cards
Silly Putty, or any tactile toy to fiddle with (Rubrix cube, Slinky, etc)

Back scratch-er
Fuzzy socks w/sticky bottoms - provide warmth, and allowed in hospitals (they need to be sticky.)
Earplugs  - provide something to put them in when not in use if they didn't come with one
Eye mask
Cough drops - coughing after surgery hurts, because it tenses your whole body
Any favorite or basic 'snacking' items
Any favorite beverages 
Tea bags or coffee, and if you know they are on a couch and move it there, a gallon of water for the brewer.
Soft pillowcase (great for cold weather)
Heating pads
Large water pitcher (though often provided by the hospital)

Notepad w/pens
Eyeglass/Device Screen Cleaner w/microfiber rag - don't let smudges accumulate
Roll of quarters - for them or visitors to hit the candy machine if needed
Lightweight extension cord and/or strip- for keeping their devices within reach while charging
Reading light, like an LED battery lamp

Keeping Clean and Tidy:
Kleenex-pocket sized packs so small enough to keep on the person for the random sniffle/spill/etc.
Hair ties
Handkerchief for hair
Dry Shampoo - good when not showering
Small hair brush
Small mirror
Breath mints
Metal tweezer/clipper/cuticle kit - also practical, as having little 'tools' at hand's reach can prove useful for many reasons.
Hand sanitizer - because you can't get up and wash your hands
Clorox wipes - keeping clean without the sink and suds.

Container Ideas:
Wicker Baskets - from thrift store, washed or repainted, or from Dollar store
Paper covered cardboard boxes
Plastic bins/baskets
Tin cans
Mugs/Coffee cups/water pitchers
Trash can
Paper bags
Any container works, so long as the stuff fits, and the container is either a)made of recycled material or b)able to be re-used/re-purposed.

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